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Although the Hungarian startup scene is relatively young – having started around a decade ago – it is evolving year by year. Several supporting organizations, mentorship programs appeared recently that help entrepreneurs, but there is also an abundance of capital waiting to be invested. These circumstances brought to life more than 700 startups with ICT and digital focus.

According to The State of European Tech 2018 report, Budapest is among Europe’s top 20 most mature tech communities. No wonder that the verticals where Hungary tends to produce most of the success stories lay on advanced technical foundations and breakthrough innovations.

Because of the strong STEM education and world-class technical talent pool, they are skilled in deep tech-related verticals such as data analytics and data science, artificial intelligence or cybersecurity. Startups in the field of Fintech and Blockchain have shown great development over the last years.

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Startup Hubs 2019

We created the report „Startup Hubs 2019” to show that emerging ecosystems in key business and technology hubs have different strengths and weaknesses, and show how we can integrate them to bring sustainability.