What is inside?​

As we have entered the era powered by innovation, the global business landscape is rapidly changing, turning tables on the seasoned market players, welcoming unexpected success stories, and creating complex business ecosystems, buzzing with ideas, promise, and opportunities. 

The price of innovation can be measured by the unpredictability of success, and disruption of established patterns and models, so by 2022, 40% of Chief Information Officers will be responsible for their organization’s innovation strategies.

For years, Venture Capital investors have supported emerging companies, especially high-growth innovative enterprises (HGEs), bringing great ideas into life with a sufficient injection of funds at different stages of projects. Just in the first quarter of 2020, VC-backed companies raised more than 61 billion dollars across 4260 deals. 

After a promising start of the year 2020, the emerging pandemics completely redefined the rules of the game, as the promise of growth is in the past, with many developed countries predicting more than a 10% drop in their GDP. 

How can VCs navigate the new pandemic reality, and what was the state of Venture Capital in 2020? In this report, we explore the landscape of VC, walk through the investment procedures, especially due diligence processes, and take a closer look at the VC’s greatest market players and unicorns, in which they invested their faith and capital!

After analysing 2020, we also share some VC trends for 2021.

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