What will be the impact of coronavirus on the startup industry?

New sustainable business models, stronger communities and local ecosystems’ growth: these are the alleged positive consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the speakers of our webinar.

Hearing all the bad news, we might feel overwhelmed and not be able to see the light in the tunnel. That’s why we tried to focus on the good side of the pandemic.

The first good thing is that because of COVID-19 startups have to get real and be more realistic. The amount of funding dropped drastically and that forces startups to operate like real businesses. 

Read this article to get the summary of our webinar.

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Poonam Balan


Catherine Bischoff

Factory Berlin

Peter Kovacs

Global Startup Awards

Stewart Rogers


Matt Kurleto


The impact of COVID-19 on IT investments

This report was conducted by Neoteric in partnership with Startup Hansa, Interizon, and Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. We hope this report will help you make better decisions, save more workplaces, and support your customers and society in these challenging times.