What is inside?​

We created this report to show that emerging ecosystems in key business and technology hubs have different strengths and weaknesses, and show how we can integrate them to bring sustainability.

There are only a few places in the world that managed to develop a full ecosystem that gives direct access to the talent, capital, and markets capable of supporting a startup growth from inception to a billion-dollar exit.

For those who are building their businesses outside of London, Silicon Valley or New York City, it is much harder to grow exponentially.

In this report, we are making an attempt to measure, evaluate, but at the same time appreciate, the uniqueness of every Startup Hub and point out strengths and weaknesses of 5 Startup Hubs: Amsterdam, Berlin, Gdansk, Phoenix and Stockholm. 

We are analysing the above−mentioned hubs in 3 main dimensions: talent, capital and cooperation with the enterprise market and trying to conclude how these Startup Hubs can cooperate together.

Feel free to download this report!