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Everyone knows Amsterdam is home for many amazing startups. Easiest to say, it is a place where unicorns like, WeTransfer, TomTom or have started and since then have become global players in their respective fields.  

KPMG in its 2019 report “Technology Innovation Hubs” ranked Amsterdam as 16th (4th in Europe) city outside Silicon Valley seen as a leading technology innovation hub.

And KPMG is not alone in their opinion, Amsterdam has also been mentioned in many reports as being breathing down the back of London. But how come the capital city of a country with 17 mln population has become such an important Startup Hub? 

The internal market size does not stand out when compared to markets of the United Kingdom, France or Germany. Startus Magazine explains that Amsterdam hosts over 180 nationalities within its borders, the use of English is widespread and the city is crucially located, allowing for expansion to the markets of above-mentioned countries and comfortable travel either by plane or train. 

The city also boasts high quality of life and its famous for bike riding to work, instead of long commutes that are often a plague in lots of other locations. 

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