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The Observer’s Guide to Venture Capital
in 2021

In this report, we explore the landscape of VC, walk through the investment procedures, especially due diligence processes, and take a closer look at the VC’s greatest market players and unicorns, in which they invested their faith and capital.

The impact of COVID-19 on IT investments

This report was conducted by Neoteric in partnership with Startup Hansa, Interizon, and Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. We hope this report will help you make better decisions, save more workplaces, and support your customers and society in these challenging times. 

Startup Hubs 2019

This report shows that technology hubs have different strengths and weaknesses, and by integrating them, we can create a sustainable startup ecosystem.

Challenges in cross-border investments in startups

This report presents the challenges in cross-border investments identified by major startup investors during the Startup Hansa Summit on April 2019.