Founders Live Gdańsk

This is what Gdańsk and Pomerania needed! A fun & educational event like Founders Live that aims to inspire, educate, and entertain entrepreneurs around the world. It was launched on Thursday, May 27th, 2021 with a warm welcome.

Founders Live is a social platform and media channel created by Nick Hughes. It includes unique and unforgettable 99-second pitch competitions in selected cities creating local founder celebrities, and bursts open additional pockets of creativity and entrepreneurial activity. Also, it delivers curated articles, videos, live-streamed expert talks, AMA’s, posts, and private member messaging that together make them world-class entrepreneurs.


It all started on a rainy Friday in Seattle.

Nick Hughes noticed a growing disconnect between inner early-stage entrepreneurial circles and the more general global business population. Usually, local business networking events lacked uniqueness, authenticity, and inspiration. Pitch events tended to be too long, too detailed and often simply lost the audience’s attention. He also noticed how disconnected the pockets of local entrepreneurial activity are around the world. During the research, he noticed that most of the social media platforms were ill-suited for entrepreneurs who desire connection, content, and relevant experiences. Combining it all, Nick felt hard-pressed to find a centralized environment to connect with other entrepreneurs around the world. He wanted to give a possibility to highlight emerging entrepreneurial talent, discover relevant and up-to-date content, all within a brand that tied together with the detached and separate local startup cultures into the wider global entrepreneurial community.

In March 2014, Nick organized a small gathering for the Seattle startup community, but with a little twist. Nick wanted to create a fun and casual networking event, and at the same time, he wanted to offer an opportunity for early-stage founders to announce something they recently launched to a roomful of eager entrepreneurs, potential partners, and employees. What started as a simple monthly gathering emerged into a must-see event with a cult-like following in the city of Seattle. Nick realized if this event was so popular in Seattle, it would probably be popular in other parts of the world too.


Founders Live was launched in May 2016, to inspire, educate and entertain entrepreneurs around the world. In the fall same year, Nick decided to bring it to other corners of the world. The unique event equation offers a values-driven community, fast-paced pitch competitions, real-time audience voting, live streaming to social media, and inspiring leadership. 

Founders Live growth hinges on the ability to expand the signature event into new cities, spreading its influence and gaining members along the way. In just five years the Founders Live event has reached almost 70 cities and launches two new cities each month on average. 


  • Respectful Authenticity. We encourage everyone to be their authentic selves, in everything they do. We believe anyone, from any city and country, with any color of skin and identifying with any gender and orientation deserves an equal opportunity for entrepreneurial success. This means we expect inclusive behavior and respect for each individual’s diverse backgrounds, unique beliefs, practices, or anything else that makes them who they are. We do not tolerate anything less than respectful authenticity. 

  • Gather Around The Campfire. Where there’s a campfire, there’s usually a creative story being told by someone who enjoys entertaining. Although Founders Live does not take place around a literal fire, as creators we embrace community, creativity, storytelling, and entertainment just as much as our ancestors gathered around their favorite campfires.
  • Open The Door. Do great things for people without expecting anything in return. Nick owes much of his success to those who came before him and graciously opened the door of opportunity. We encourage you to open doors for people, introduce them to someone they might not know but should, or offer free help or advice to move them forward. You never know where it will lead them – and you – and what it will bring back to you in return.
  • Business = Fun. The world does not need another boring business event, but it does need a lot more fun! We believe you can have fun as well as a great business. Founders Live removes anything which creates awkwardness, boredom, or dullness at our events and within our global community to create a fun, inspirational, and unforgettable atmosphere.


The event started with an opening entertainment where two wonderful presenters shared their insight on different topics. 

The first one focused on women in the IT industry, and Anita Kijanka shared her thoughts on: Why are we going to create a global community of strong women in IT in Poland? The statistics she presented were very impressive and convincing at the same time. It looks like Polish women are leading among other nations, and there is a chance of becoming role models for other women across the world.

The second presenter, Krzysztof Kanawka, focused more on Pomerania Region, its attractiveness, and answered the question: What’s special about Gdańsk & the Pomerania Region? He presented several possibilities for those who’re taking into consideration this region as a new location for their businesses.



After opening entertainment, there was a great 99-second pitch competition among the following five startups:

  • Shopstory presented by Andrzej Dabrowski. Shopstory is a visual e-commerce content builder that is embeddable into existing CMS or e-commerce platforms. Shopstory offloads developers and gives superpowers to marketing teams.
  • upmedic presented by Sophia Renteria. Upmedic is a MedTech startup, which aims to satisfy the ever-growing demand for medical diagnostics by helping clinicians to be more productive while making decisions about patients’ treatment. They redefine medical documentation workflow by applying cutting-edge technologies to automate mundane tasks.
  • UX Mining presented by Grzegorz Meller. UX Mining is a remote usability testing platform that helps UX researchers by leveraging AI and existing user hardware to find usability insights of digital products and automatize reporting. The main components of our solution are a webcam eye-tracker, an emotion detector, and a survey system.
  • Petsitters.pl presented by Alesia Mur. Petsitters is an online marketplace, which connects trusted pet sitters and dog walkers with pet owners, while they are on vacations, undergoing quarantine, or have to go on errands. Our sitters and walkers are here to build trust and to become a „second family” for pets and their owners. Currently, Petsitters.pl has over 1,000 registered pet-sitters and owners (since a few months of being on the market) and we keep growing.
  • ABAStroke presented by Dawid Maj. ABA Stroke is aimed to become digital therapeutics for post-stroke patients with cognitive deficits. The highest accessibility – therapy at home, on mobile devices, which can be reimbursed by the health insurers, either public or private. The highest effectiveness – ABAStroke will give patients access to clinically validated, user-friendly, and fully personalized care, so they can rehabilitate their cognitive functions daily. Because of the adaptive system, patients can work independently or with minimal assistance provided by a family.


The voting was held in real-time, and the audience decided about the winner. The competition was very strong, and each vote mattered! With a minimal difference between presenters, the winner was upmedic presented by Sophia Renteria. Congratulations!

All presenters received great prizes from sponsors, so everyone was a winner.


A networking session was hosted at Kumospace, where people could gather in small groups and exchange their thoughts on different topics. Overall, it was a very pleasant event! You can watch the recording on YouTube

We would like to see you there next time!

Join us for the next incredible evening as you hang online with other entrepreneurs and hear from 5 great Polish startups.



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